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UviaUs Delivers Video Enabled Solutions

Engage Your Audience

Uvideo combines the power of video within print media, creating a communication platform that can be seen, heard, and held. Uvideo makes the digital tangible, allowing you to target and reach any audience.

Cut Through the Digital Noise

Uvideo delivers your video in an unexpected way. Some of the most common are: Sales Collateral, Direct Mailers, Patient Education tools, Invitations, Product Announcements, Sales Kits, Video Mailers, Video-in-print, Video cards, Video business cards, Video books, Video Brochures, Thank You cards, Proposals, Packaging integrations, Press Kits and more.

Get Your Video Into the Right Hands

You have something to say, but getting your target audience to stop and listen is not easy. Video mailers combine the best parts of print brochures and video advertising to make people stop and take note.

Utilizing Uvideo to engage a room full of top-level executives, C-Suite Network saw 70% of recipients sign up for their online network, proving Uvideo to be a successful promotional tool.

The results speak for themselves. In a marketing effectiveness study, Uvideo scored:

on Ad Recall

on Brand Identification

on Consumer Interaction

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