UviaUs Case Study – Blip TV

BLIP TV Since launching in 2005, Blip has become the largest independent online digital media provider in the world, their original content drawing hundreds of millions of views a month.


A monumental opportunity to break through traditional industry barriers arose when Blip received an invitation from the Television Critics Association and journalists to interact with the people who create popular TV shows.

Recognition of digital video production by the television industry was unprecedented, so this was no time to fly under the radar. Blip needed an outstanding press kit that would leave an indelible mark on the TCA members and solidify web-based media as a future mainstay in the industry.

Video in Print Solutions for the Blip Network from UviaUs
Video in print – Gatefold Uvideo created by the team at UviaUs


Lights! Camera! Action! Uvideo delivered all three. A portable, handheld LCD screen with sharp picture and crystal clear sound embedded in a printed booklet. Preloaded with four of Blip’s popular videos, every critic and journalist in attendance was treated with instant access to a showcase of Blip’s online content.


Blip’s Creative Director, Peter Gosling, was overheard calling ‘the press kit of the future’, Uvideo hit the mark. He relates that he gladly doled out referrals to an impressed crowd of critics and plans to order more for himself in the future. Blip broke through industry barriers on their own merits; Uvideo is helping them stay there.

Video Mailer for TV and Comercials by UviaUs
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