Video Business Cards – Zimmer Biomet

Zimmer Biomet is a multi-national medical device manufacturer that has been designing, manufacturing, and marketing orthopedic products and prostheses for nearly 90 years.

Even as a multi-billion dollar corporation, Zimmer Biomet is not immune to the challenges faced by many marketers today, namely, how to stand out from their competitors. To that end, Zimmer Biomet partnered with UviaUs to create custom video business cards to give their sales staff an upper hand in the competitive environment of medical trade shows.

Don’t let their size fool you, video business cards pack a marketing punch. Whether used as a lead generation tool, a meeting leave behind, or sales collateral video business cards engage your audience to help you create lasting connections.

The results speak for themselves, within the first six months of adding Uvideo to their advertising strategy, Zimmer Biomet doubled their order of video business cards.