UviaUs Case Study – C-Suite

C-SUITE NETWORK The C-Suite Network is the world’s most powerful alliance and peer network exclusively reserved for C-Suite leaders. The network is focused on the professional success of each member through programs, services and custom-tailored content, including C-Suite Academy, C-Suite Television and C-Suite Radio. Its invitation-only conferences feature top global thought leaders and allow attendees to explore solutions to their current problems while expanding their businesses.


The C-Suite Network sought out a piece of technology that would both wow attendees at the premier C-Suite Network Conference in Dallas, Texas and introduce exciting and powerful innovation to business leaders. They wanted to distribute a beautifully designed promotional piece that would portray the brand in a strong light through a unique and interactive experience that filled the room with light and sound.

Video in Print Solutions for the C-Suite Network from UviaUs
Video in print – Gatefold Uvideo created by the team at UviaUs


Uvideo Base allowed the C-Suite Network to highlight the launch of the company and introduce conference guests to its exclusive online network. Each piece of the package was designed to feature the
C-Suite Network and its sponsors, which engaged attendees with its creative details and delivered an experience that captivated the senses. Further, the Uvideo Base offered them the ability to put together a project on a short turn-around time without foregoing the professional, elegant aesthetic they were going for.


The hand distributed Uvideo Base pieces immediately held the attention of a room full of top-level C-Suite executives and introduced them to an exciting piece of new technology. When the promotional video played, the whole room was captivated, and no one wanted to press stop. After opening and engaging with the piece, 70% of conference attendees signed up for the online network, proving Uvideo to be a successful promotional tool for the C-Suite Network.

Video Mailers and invites for Events like C-Suite - by UviaUs
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