UviaUs Case Study – Anderson Canyon

ANDERSON CANYON – With projects ranging from high-end residential to commercial and healthcare, Anderson Canyon is a small architectural design firm specializing in unique projects throughout Houston, TX, and the surrounding areas.


Many building companies that specialize in multi-family residences were not aware of Anderson Canyon or their range of services. This target was a lucrative one, and one that many architectural firms would be seeking to connect with. For that reason, a tactic was needed that would help Anderson Canyon stand out from the competition and really make an impact.


Imagine delivering your video message in a way that doesn’t compete with email, social posts, notifications, display ads, etc. Not only undivided attention but also delivering it in a tactile way that allows you to experience your brand?

That’s what UviaUs recommended to Anderson Canyon by using an unconventional form of outbound marketing, using video mailers.

Fourteen high impact three-dimensional video mailers were custom created leveraging Uvideo technology. These video mailers were then custom printed with Anderson Canyon branded packaging and uploaded with a short and punchy video created by UviaUs’ team that showcased the architectural firm’s past projects and value proposition.

The perceived value of the video deliverables, not only helped get the messaging past the gatekeepers but also connected with the decision makers within their targetted accounts.

The video mailers were sent to a targetted hand-selected list of C-suite recipients, along with a personalized letter that included a clear and concise call-to-action.


Two of the 14 recipients subsequently reached out to Anderson Canyon to open new relationships, for a 14% response rate. This generated $698,792.50 in opportunities, of which a small deal was won, and $441,080.00 is still viable.

Download this Case Study here.