“It takes money to make money.”

Marketing is tricky. Huge corporations are throwing millions, sometimes billions, into their marketing budgets and seeing huge returns. It’s hard to see how an emerging business can compete. And even if your brand has managed to scrape together a respectable marketing budget, how do you know where and how to spend it?

Scaling up as an emerging brand is all about choosing the right tools to achieve maximum impact. It’s about adopting a tactic that will reach your intended target and incite them to action. Find an effective medium to test, then expand, that campaign to create real movement in your bottom line.

We know video works, especially when it’s directly in the hands of your audience, and custom branded packaging. But video can be expensive. Large-scale productions include script writing, production, talent and post-production expenses.

Enter Shakr – a proprietary online technology that pairs templates from the world’s top motion graphics artists with YOU. Now, high quality, slick videos are available to all brands – large and small.

To work alongside that cutting-edge technology, UviaUs offers Uvideo Base, a solution that combines high-resolution video and custom printed wraps to create an elegant, easy and impactful marketing tool.

Check out this case study that shows just how effective a campaign featuring Shakr and Uvideo can be.

When working with a limited budget, it’s important to consider your approach as an investment per recipient. By combining these two pieces of marketing tech – Shakr and Uvideo Base – you can bring that cost to a manageable level, even for a small brand.

Big impact, low cost, and minimums. Now that’s an idea worth catching.