The great thing about the Internet is that all the information you need is at your fingertips—but not all advice out there is solid. We have uncovered some of the most frequent myths about modern day marketing.

Myths About Video

  • That DIY videos are as useful as professional videos.
  • That videos should be product or sales heavy.
  • That video isn’t relevant for all industries.
  • The longer the video, the better.
  • That videos can only be posted in one place online.

Myths About Social Media

  • That your customers aren’t looking for you on social media or that social media is only for the younger generations.
  • That you should join every social platform you can.
  • That creating a profile or page is enough.
  • That you should expect all fans and followers to lead to conversions.

Myths About Content

  • That keyword stuffing is ok.
  • That quality doesn’t matter.
  • That you don’t have to market your content.
  • That web page text doesn’t need to be periodically updated.
  • That you can repost the same content in multiple locations online.

General Marketing Myths

  • That local businesses don’t need responsive web design.
  • That your offline marketing mix should always be higher than your online and mobile mix.
  • That only kids respond to mobile marketing.
  • That you can recycle all of your creative.
  • That websites don’t require marketing.

Avoid these myths when building your next marketing campaign, and keep your eye out for the latest marketing trends.