Graphic design trends for websites, apps, and virtual advertising continues to evolve. Below are some of 2016’s hottest design trends.

Trend #1 Infinite Scroll

You probably noticed this trend in 2015, with blogs and web pages that allow you to keep scrolling down infinitely.

Trend #2 Flat Design

With 3D and 4D design being a top priority the last few years, flat design looks fresh again.

Trend #3 Material Design

Even Google is loving the new trend in the flat-friendly, material design trend.

Trend #4 Retro Chic

Think 80s inspired graphics, and other design elements that pay homage to the decades of the past.

Trend #5 Custom Typography

Custom typography in 2016 goes beyond having a proprietary font but also includes typography with negative space and text that is mixed in with other design elements.

Trend #6 Bold Colors

While the majority of your text should be in the gray to the black range, feel free to go vibrant and bold with your design color choices.

Trend #7 Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes become a unique work of art in modern web designs.

Trend #8 Minimalist

Minimalist designs are not only clean and crisp but are the easiest option for mobile designs.

Trend #9 Modular Layouts

Breaking websites up into clearly defined areas makes them simpler to navigate.

Trend #10 Videos Replace Many Photos

Where stock photos were once placed, videos are reigning supreme.

While it is not realistic to implement all of 2016’s design trends, turn to the ones that speak to you most!