How one remarkable experience connected 175 strangers and created over 400,000 brand impressions.

Southwest Airlines and Ritz Crackers think the center seat on a plane is the most social seat, and they want everyone to know it. They enlisted AMP Agency to help show the world how fun the center seat is. The solution? On one special flight, passengers in the center seat would receive a video-enabled activity box designed to create an experience where they could get to know and have fun with their seatmates. In addition to turning strangers into friends, the experience would be filmed and shared on social media as part of Southwest’s Behind Every Seat is a Story campaign.

AMP had a great idea but needed help making it a reality. So they came to UviaUs. The UviaUs team transformed AMP’s vision into reality and engineered a multi-sensory kit that was made for sharing. We collaborated with AMP to create engaging messaging and an animated video that worked cohesively with the kit for a fully immersive and memorable experience. And it worked. Not only did passengers love it, but the video filmed during the flight generated over 400,000 impressions, 70,000 views, and 3,000 reactions, helping build brand affinity for Southwest Airlines and their partner Ritz. All from a single flight.

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