Capture and keep your customer’s attention; it’s a simple concept yet difficult to execute. Your customers are exposed to thousands of advertising messages each day. Compounded with modern conveniences such as mobile connectivity, you’re left with a million ways to distract a customer away from your message. Their time is extremely valuable…don’t waste it!

That’s why we’re excited to introduce our brand new Udisplay solution.

Digital Signage Solutions for Small or Large Businesses by UviaUs

Udisplay is a digital signage module that allows you to easily load and play up to five videos on a Hi-definition 7” LCD screen. Easily one of the most memorable means of communication, video allows you to tell a story, be interesting, and ultimately catch and keep the attention of your customers.

Far from a one-time use product, UviaUs offers a host of enclosure options that feature fully customizable graphics that can be easily changed or you can simply purchase the module à la carte and integrate it into your existing signage. Best of all the Udisplay Base can be purchased in low quantities.

Digital Video Display Solutions by UviaUs - Conceptual Design

Do you own a restaurant or food-service location? Greet your customers with a beautiful Udisplay as they walk-in to your establishment. TVs and computers have our brains programmed to look to screens for information, so this POP unit is a natural extension of that impulse. Display your specials, features, or company story to your prospective customer. Not only are you getting your message across, but your customer will enjoy the experience.

In the same vein, Udisplay can be used in other industries to promote products, loyalty programs, wait times, or new initiatives. It enables businesses to create interactive messages which are more engaging and appealing than static visuals.

Digital Signage Solutions by UviaUs

Auto dealerships and real estate agents can utilize Udisplay to entertain and educate their clients while they wait for personal assistance. Reduce perceived wait times and lost customers due to sales professionals being tied up with other customers. When your clients have an overall better experience with your brand, more sales will be made.

Other uses include showcasing instructional videos and corporate communications, giving your brand a competitive and modern edge. After all, who doesn’t love an informative yet entertaining video?

Sometimes the simplest, most elegant solutions are the best. We know Udisplay is the edge you’ve been looking for to help you stand out.