With Video Business Cards from UviaUs

Introducing Uvideo Base Mini

At UviaUs, we’ve infused the traditional business card with the power of video, creating a unique and memorable marketing tool. Featuring an ultra bright 2.4″ LCD screen, crisp audio and integrated micro USB charging/storage, video business cards ensure that you deliver your message on brand and on target every time.

Uvideo Base Mini is the first ready-made, low minimum video business card solution.

Engage Your Audience

With Custom Video Business Cards

You have something to say, but getting your target audience to stop and listen is not easy. Video business cards ensure that you don’t get lost in the stack. These versatile devices are perfect for lead generation, meeting leave behinds, sales collateral, invitations, product announcements, sales kits, video-in-print, video cards,  thank you cards, proposals, press kits and more.

Stay Top-of-Mind

Every month, over 5 million hours of video are uploaded to the internet. It’s easy for your message to get lost in all the digital clutter. By merging the best from the digital and tactile worlds, video business cards create a experience that will be remembered and revisited. In a marketing effectiveness study, Uvideo scored a perfect 100% on ad recall, brand identification, and consumer interaction.

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