Delivering Remarkable
Brand Engagement.

We are much more than just a company selling a product. We strive to understand each client’s unique challenges and then build the right strategy, design, video and medium to achieve their goals. Our team has the skills to craft a campaign that represents your brand, while ensuring it works flawlessly with our products.


Uvideo Base

A great place to start using Uvideo


Base Mini

Engage Your Audience with
Video Business Cards


Uvideo Custom

Create a truly remarkable brand experience



Digital signage made simple


We Deliver Video in a Remarkable Way.

Uvideo takes traditional print media into the 21st century by fusing it with innovative digital technologies to deliver your message in an unexpected way. A custom branded audio-visual experience like no other, Uvideo captures the attention of your recipients.


Uvideo Custom

Create a truly remarkable brand experience

Limitless Possibilities

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. That’s our philosophy when it comes to Uvideo. Whether you need a larger screen or multiple videos on one device, Uvideo allows you to design every component of the video mailer, making the finished product completely yours.

And don’t worry, we’re here to guide the way.

Vivid Displays

With Uvideo, you can select from a range of ultra-thin, high-performance LCD screens.  Whether your project calls for something small or large and vibrant, Uvideo can work for you. We even offer the option to create Uvideo with an interactive touch screen.

No matter what display you choose, Uvideo will give you the chance to share your message in a unique and memorable way.

Premium Materials

Uvideo ensures users have a highly visual and tactile experience. To make it truly custom, we can fabricate, embed, or wrap your device in just about any material. From specialty papers, leather, acrylic, metals and more, we can make your Uvideo truly yours. Additionally, we offer a full range of print and finishing services from metallic inks and spot UV to screen-printing and laser etching.

Customized User Interaction

With Uvideo, you decide how your audience interacts with your message. Trigger videos automatically upon opening, at the push of a button, or have multiple videos with dedicated play buttons. Need more? Add volume control, full Playback Control— pause, play, fast forward, rewind or sensor activation. Uvideo gives you everything you need to increase user interaction and create a truly remarkable brand experience.

“Your design and development team is world class, and your methodology for long distance project management is second to none.”

–Robert Smith, CEO Axcelerate Worldwide


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