Moët Hennessey Point-of-Purchase Digital Signage Display

Shaken Not Stirred.

With the release of the 24th James Bond movie, Spectre, Moët Hennessy launched an international campaign promoting their premium vodka brand, Belvedere, alongside everyone’s favorite secret agent. To celebrate the launch of the film on DVD and Blu-Ray, they looked to UviaUs to create an engaging Point-of-Purchase display that incorporated digital signage while accommodating their product in a visually pleasing manner.

Our design team engineered a sturdy cardboard POP display, printed 360° with Belvedere-Spectre graphics, that ships flat and is easily assembled in minutes. This digital signage solution features a motion-activated 10″ LCD and stereo audio. In addition to running directly off AC power, the display features two removable 12000 mAh batteries allowing for up to 15 hours of playback between charges.