Producing in
Quantity and Quality.

When it comes to the physical production of your Uvideo video mailer project, we make sure that every part is taken care of as much or as little as is needed. Our job is to make yours as easy as can be.


Just a few of the many Production Services we offer at UviaUs:

Device Manufacturing

Industrial Design

Component Sourcing

Custom Fabrication

Full Service Printing

Bindery Services

Laser Cutting and Etching

Material Sourcing

Quality Assurance

Product Testing

Sound Optimization

Video Encoding

Putting all the pieces together

From a simple distribution to your sales team to a highly complex retail store opening kit, UviaUs makes your job easier. We take pride in our high quality assembly service and guarantee that every piece, kit or bundle will be ready to make your audience say Wow.


At UviaUs we are equipped for a complete range of assembly services:

Hand Assembly


Quality Control

Domestic Assembly


Kit Preperation

Postcard Insertion

Collateral Assembly

Video Mailer Preparation


Sound Optimization

Video Encoding

Whenever & Wherever – We’ll Get it There.

When it comes to distribution, we’ve got you covered. Whether you plan to hand out Uvideo in person or send it as a direct mail piece, we can work with you to make sure that each piece makes it safely into the hands of your end user.


Take a look at some of the Distribution Services UviaUs offers:

Mailer Preparation

List Managment



Direct Mailing




Materials Handling

Device Storage

Incremental Mailing

Fulfillment Services

It’s all About the Data.

In a world where data is everything, we know how important it is for you to be able to track the success of your Uvideo campaign. That’s why we integrate analytics into our initial strategy. Whether that means Personal URL’s, Web-keys, QR-codes or in-device, we’ll help you come up with the best way to gather and analyze the data so you can understand the impact of your project.


“Their attention to our needs and accommodation to work with us in the heat of the holiday season was impressive. We would highly recommend their services to any company looking to get a video message into the hands of their customers.”

– Tobe Forshtay – Silveus Insurance Group