In the digital age, there is a lot of pressure on CMO’s and marketing professionals to use tools that ensure the ability to track their campaigns. In fact, some use tools just because of the ability to track everything and not because they’re necessarily the best tool to deliver results.

What is your cost per acquisition per lead or customer? How does Uvideo stack up to other tools when it comes to cost per acquisition?

At UviaUs, we are believers in the test first approach to measure results and then scale or adjust based on those results. We’ve had tremendous success creating strategies that center around Uvideo and delivering great results for our clients. So much so, that many of our clients don’t want to share the info due to their competitors finding out.

We’re happy to share the results of one of our clients, Pure Water Technology, that demonstrates the value Uvideo can bring.

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UPDATE: As a result of their successes, Pure Water has expanded their Uvideo marketing arsenal¬†to include our Mini business-card holders, with full creative services by the UviaUs design team. They’ve also expanded the use of Uvideo to several of their affiliate and partner companies thought the Mid-eastern United States.