Uvideo Base featured by Foldfactory

Our newest Uvideo Product line, Uvideo BASE, was featured as Foldfactory’s Super-Cool Fold of the Week. This video series aims to highlight innovation in print and direct marketing, so we’re extremely honored for the recognition. The video does a great job of explaining what Uvideo BASE is and describing the benefits that it has to offer!

To sum up the main points, Uvideo BASE is a module that integrates video and print, and is intended to be used as a tool for direct marketing, sales presentations, client leave-behinds, and much more. Unlike our standard custom Uvideo, the BASE product line features an elegant piece that comes in either black or white, which can then be wrapped in a customizable print piece. The beauty of BASE is its ability to combine simplicity with flexibility, while making Uvideo even more accessible than ever with shorter time frames for production and an affordable price point with low minimum quantity orders. If you are interested in using this technology, but want to try it out before making a big investment in it, Uvideo BASE is a great place to start.

Base Overview

(1) Choose a black or white base piece, (2) Customize the print wrap, (3) Put it all together. Easy, Flexible, Elegant – That’s Uvideo Base.

To learn more about Uvideo BASE, check out this page. If you are interested in ordering Uvideo Base or seeing a sample of it, fill out this form or get in touch with us directly.