UviaUs Case Study – Axcelerate Worldwide

Axcelerate Worldwide is a breakthrough digital marketing firm servicing mid-market businesses with annual revenues from 2 to 200 million. Masters of juicy results, they routinely create marketing plans that triple, quadruple, or even grow revenue by 140 times over the course of six months. And yet, they were in search of an excellent way to reach customers offline.


Even as a digital marketing agency, Axcelerate recognized the need for true experiences in the offline world. Their client, an architectural firm, was looking for a way to capture and keep the attention of their target audience. The topic was a traditionally “boring” one – engineering solutions for buildings. They knew they wanted to use video to create excitement and visually explain the concepts of their services, but wondered about the best way to get that video in front of the right eyeballs.

The other unique challenge they were facing was that their target audience was broad. They wanted the message to appeal to everyone from engineers and architects, to builders and laymen. 

Video Mailer for Building and Construction by UviaUs
Video in print – Gatefold Uvideo created by the team at UviaUs


Enter UviaUs. We recommended that Axcelerate explore the idea of using Uvideo, one of the proprietary products of UviaUs to complement two videos they already had in production.

Our design team worked to create four concepts that immediately captured attention, and showcased the videos.

The chosen design featured an embedded 7-inch video screen into a custom printed and designed wrap. The result was a flashy, attention-grabbing piece of physical marketing that played a high definition video when opened. It was sleek, sophisticated and most importantly, did what it promised.


The results were phenomenal. With a delighted client, Axcelerate wrote the following testimonial.

“It is a rare occurrence that something happens in the business world today that truly has the power to transform both the marketing and the sales experience. Most organizations are so focused on the digital world, they forget that they need to be delivering true experiences to their prospects and clients to capture their imaginations, to further the engagement process.

After 30 years of marketing in over 200 industries across the globe and as the CEO of a digital marketing company, I can honestly say that UviaUs has accomplished exactly that; “capturing imaginations and engagement”, with their amazing video brochures. To understand the power that the UviaUs tools and products can deliver, you only have to engage with the company one time.

Your design and development team is world class, and your methodology for long distance project management is second to none. Zach is one of the most prolific designers I have ever worked with, and I have worked with the best. He gets it! Your customer service team from a sales and project management side was extraordinary. You were traveling in Vietnam and called me back from there, when we first started working together, and it only got better from there.

Video Mailers for Building and Construction by UviaUs
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Whether someone is early stage, middle market or a Fortune 500, they can only benefit ten fold by using Uvideo. Jaycen Thorgeirson, the CEO and founder of UviaUs should be proud of both his innovations and of his entire team. He has gone to great lengths to understanding the psychology needed for businesses of today to really connect in a meaningful and inspiring way, in this over-communicated society we live in.

Thank you again, and we will be using Uvideo for all our clients. It is the perfect offline tool which integrates perfectly with all our online efforts and certainly will support any strategic initiatives we develop.”

– Robert Curtis Smith, CEO, Axcelerate Worldwide