A New, Easier, Virtual Reality

By September 6th, 2018 Blog, Press

A New, Easier, Virtual Reality

UviaUs releases a patent-pending all-in-one brandable Virtual Reality unit.

SEATTLE – Oct. 4, 2017 – PRLog– Imagine a virtual reality (VR) unit, seamlessly integrated into a user friendly experience.  No bulky, hard to set up systems, it’s VR that’s accessible to every size of company, from large to small.

You don’t watch a VR story, you feel it… you’re a part of it.  This technology has been disrupting industry standards, changing content into something users literally step inside of.  It’s not enough to see and hear a message anymore, people want to be immersed in it, connected to it in a new and interesting way.

Current technologies like Oculus Rift are pricey, bulky, and require end user set up. Even Google Cardboard requires you to insert your smartphone, download an app, and configure the experience yourself.

Say goodbye to hassles and hello to UR®.

UR® (“you are”) is Seattle-based UviaUs’ (you-via-us) patent pending technology that takes the friction out of current VR experiences.  It requires no setup or guesswork to start the experience.  Simply lift the unit to your eyes and be immersed in a fully encompassing brand experience.

UR® is the first sendable and brandable VR player ready to engage on-demand.  It is an all-in-one unit that comprehensively includes a screen, speakers and battery… all with a custom branded outer shell.

The creative applications are endless.  With UR®, you have the ability to construct an experience with virtual reality and 360-degree videos.  Users can delve into 3D worlds created by your brand with literally no effort.

Why is the release of UR® so exciting?

  • Virtual reality prompts a 27% higher reaction in users and keeps them engaged for 34% longer (Nielsen and YuMe).
  • It engages and connects with high-value audiences. It moves them to action.
  • With a fully customizable outer shell, UR® is a truly immersive brand experience.

When it’s attention and action that counts, UR® delivers.